Gluten Free Food for a Healthy Life

The development of gluten and diets free from allergens has become common. At this time when children and adults are getting diagnosed with food allergies, the markets for niche products designed for special diets are on the rise. Several businesses revolving around the same idea has come up in Melbourne especially bakeries. A professional team understands that people are after the best baked goods; they want to provide that. By using the highest grade, exclusively created gluten free flours in a nut free environment, they are able to establish a platform to create a stunning jaw-dropping range of delicate and delicious baked goods. They have always believed in providing a wide selection of baked goods and products to their clients. With such a team, the client has the option to select from a vast collection of handmade delicious breads, unforgettable cakes, hot pastries, mouthwatering biscuits, delectable slices and much, much more.

Gluten free doesn’t mean that the quality and taste is any less. One continually refines their recipes to satisfy their customer’s taste buds. In fact, the basis of such an approach on ensuring that the taste of all their products are so unbelievably good that  it can entice one to come back for more.

They are the gluten free and nut free bakehouse specialist and have a range which consists of dairy free, soy free, egg free, yeast free and fructose free products.

The Start

With years of working in traditional bakeries, the noticing of an increasingly high demand for gluten free baked goods. They decided that it was time to create an innovative concept, providing only 100% gluten free products.


Coupled with their passionate bakers and pastry chefs working around the clock, the customers can be assured that they will provide quality and consistency every time.

Gluten Free For All:

Regardless if one is diagnosed coeliac, gluten intolerant, following a Gluten free diet or even if one is just looking to try something new, they can be rest assured that these bakeries will not disappoint. With gluten free products one can be sure that they will love and enjoy the delicious range of high quality baked products over and over again.

Services up for Grab

Need one gluten free celebration cake for oneself and their guests they have the collection of celebratory cakes for one to choose? Hire a reputed yet professional company like Gluten Free 4 U, which understands the need for deliciously tasty gluten free breads and cakes designed for special occasions. That is why they have a succulent and amazing selection of speciality cakes for all special occasions, including Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, Christenings, Corporate events and any other occasion that is special for one or a loved one.

Whether one is looking for a simple tasty chocolate mud cake, or if you are seeking a three-tiered masterpiece for the wedding day, their passionate Chefs will create the dream cake for their clients. By listening to the customer’s personal tastes, flavours and cake designs they bring together these elements to personally design a 100% gluten free delicious cake for the special event.

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At Gluten Free 4 U, you don’t just get great taste and healthy food products, you also get a great variety to choose from. Visit to know more.