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- Beers

- Brewed Drinks

- Ciders

- Tapa's Menu

- Function Area

- Pool Table, Dart Board, Arcade Machines



Who we are, Where we came from and Where we are going.....

Formed in 2010, Red Bay Brewery, located at Cleveland, was one of the original independent breweries in Brisbane, before the craft brewery bandwagon rolled into town. Jeffery, our Brew-master and Director, started his brewing journey with his Father 30 Years ago.


His palette and skill were enhanced with his training as a Chef, a different path than most. This background has given us the ability for our small batch brewery to produce "More than just exceptional beer."

All ingredients are sourced locally from Australia and New Zealand, excepting hops which are sourced locally when available or from various international growers due to their flavour profile.


Our malts are 100% natural, have no genetically-modified (GM) grains, and no chemicals are added at any stage during growing or harvesting to either accelerate germination or alter the malt’s visual appearance. Great tasting beer relies on top quality, all natural ingredients.

Red Bay Brewery's fruit based brewed or fermented beverages, Ginger Beer, Ciders and Lemonades are the same. All ingredients are organic locally sourced from Queensland and Australian Farms.


The end result is a 100% chemical, non genetically-modified(GM) and preservative free beverage, that will taste crisper, cleaner and better than anything you have tasted before - all at a fraction of the price of inferior products from your bottle shop. But don’t think our drinks won’t last, as they will keep for 6 months refrigerated.

RED Bay Brewery also caters for Celiac, Gluten intolerance and Vegans, as we want all the opportunity to treat their taste buds. The Rebel Bitter, Renegade Ale, Ginger beers, Ciders, Lemonades and other seasonal fruit based beverages are all Gluten free. We use no Dairy products to clarify (fine) our products.

The beer ingredients are simple - Whole Grain, Hops, Sugar, our own Master Yeasts and Water.


Our Fruit based fermented and brewed beverages are the same - Whole fruit, Sugar, Yeast and Water. Our water is sand filtered from Stradbroke Island, with the fluoride and chlorine filtered out leaving the natural minerals still present.

Our 27KW Solar system and Snowy Hydro Electricity adds to the sustainability of our operation and allows us to utilise our final ingredient. Time is that final ingredient for our products. Unfortunately, nature does not follow a business schedule, nor would we want it to. Our products are part of a natural Eco-system that gets rigorously tested daily. It is a tough job but someone has to do it. We do not release a product until it meets our stringent quality control.

Red Bay Brewery's constant pursuit of improvement has now expanded to our premises as well. We are undergoing refurbishment works to our premises, entertainment options and food. We have utilised a local invasive weed, camphor laurel, to manufacture beautiful glossy bar and table surfaces. We have re purposed unusable kegs into comfortable seating as well as more traditional seating options.

Entertainment includes music, pool table, dart board and old school arcade machines....Pinball machines are in the pipeline, as well as other secret projects. Our Tapas Bar menu is both affordable and tasty, constantly evolving and expanding when our full kitchen and VIP upstairs bar is completed. Drop in and see for yourself.

Red Bay Breweries encourages you to become part of our family, enjoy our hospitality, and contribute to our successes in the future. We are and always will be a small batch local independent brewery, uncompromising in quality and community focused.